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Bitcoin Mining in a SAT framework - UCL Bitcoin, Cryptography and Finance Seminar 2014

Computer Security Applications Conference - Quantifying Information Leaks in Software, Austin, Texas, 2010

The 7th CREST Open Workshop Information Flow and Security - AQUA: An Automated Tool for Quantifying Leakage in C Programs, London, 2010

Testing meets Verification - A Tool for SAT-based Information Flow Quantification, London, 2009

FAST 2009 - Applied Quantitative Information Flow and Statistical Databases, Eindhoven, 2009

QA 2009 - Quantifying Loop Leakage using a Lattice of Partitions, Grenoble, 2009

PLID 2009 - Lattice of Information and Quantitative Information Flow, London, 2009

PLAS 2008 - Lagrange multipliers and maximum information leakage in different observational models, Tucson Arizona, 2008